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Hello World! Our health is all wrapped up in our wealth. Economic stress directly correlates to the amount of mental, physical and even spiritual distress we experience in our daily lives. And if your wealth is generated by some joyless J.O.B. that just pays the bills, it does not qualify as wealth no matter what amount of money you make.

At the axis of American consumer mentality is a powerful engine that works 24x 7 to stimulate our desires. Challenging and overcoming this desire generator is the first and most important step toward health and wealth that we can take. Examining our accumulation of “stuff” is key here. What do I really need and what is just¬†cluttering my life with an unneeded level of complication and expense? This goes for all personal belongings including cars, houses, furniture, clothes etc., but also applies to relationships,¬†obligations, beliefs and practices that no longer serve.¬†

Do I really need that cabin in the Poconos that I rarely go to? The one that does not get enough ventilation to stave of mildew in the summer and which demands property tax payments periodically like a hungry tiger in a cage? Wouldn’t life be easier without it? Or conversely, why not consider getting rid of the mortgage and the crummy J.O.B. and moving to the low cost cabin in the Poconos and starting an e-store on the web? Imagine what life would be like then.

This site is all about achieving true wealth. It is about how to make money joyfully and meaningfully, how to uncomplicate your life so that you have less to think about and less to pay for, so you can get on to what is truly important to you. This might mean spending more time with your family, or your spouse or your pets, going back to school to learn something you really resonate with, starting your own business, or just taking time off to engage in truly enriching activities like getting back to nature or taking up a serious and dedicated yoga, Tai Chi or meditation practice.

Whether you are barely making very basic ends meet or if you have just too much stuff and too many desires complicating your life, optimal health and wealth will likely remain elusive until you are able to disconnect from the desire generating machine, joyfully accept a level of voluntary simplicity and find a way to live life more on your own terms and that’s what this site is all about.

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